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Reframing thinking and doing within service design and delivery for MISC Magazine | The RE: Issue, Winter 2016

Innovation involves the collective actions of many people. Design artefacts can help to reframe thinking and doing during service design and on-going service delivery. This article considers how design can support the social context of innovation implementation and organisational change.

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Design and Resetting value for Sustainability for MISC Magazine | The Reset Issue, January 2015

An article about how as designers and global citizens, need to set reset values for sustainability and how design can help. It talks about the Circular Economy and how it is a valuable mental model for designers and businesses today.


Humanizing innovation through customer-centricity for MISC Magazine | The Human Experience Issue, September 2014

Article about supporting customer-centricity and human-centred innovation within organisations through providing research driven rich visual artefacts that invoke empathy and customer-centric thinking and decision making by broad organisational members.


Delivering Simplicity: Organizational Contexts and Service Design for MISC Magazine | The Simplicity Issue, September 2012

Article about the relationship between simplicity, complexity and service design within organizational contexts, and their role in the design and delivery of exceptional customer experiences.


Masters by Research thesis : Scaffolding Human-centred Innovation with Design Artefacts, Submitted June 2014.

40,000 case-study thesis about one of my human-centred design projects for a large Australian organisation.


Scaffolding_Innovation Through Design Artefacts, book chapter in ‘Crowd-share Innovation : Intensive Creative Collaborations’ ed. Jakovitch, J. and Schewitzer, J., Freerange Press, October 2012

A short essay about how designers can use design artefacts to help scaffold innovation in organisational contexts published in a book about innovation.

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Scaffolding Innovation through Human-centred Design, Conference paper at the European Academy of Design, Crafting the Future Conference 2013, Sweden

This presentation was presented at a design conference about my academic research project, mid-way through the project. These ideas were further developed before submission.

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Reflections on Service Design, Frameworks, and the Service Organization, Design Management Review, June 2012

Article about the value of giving organisations frameworks in order to help to facilitate internal collaboration and assist organisations to develop their own internal service design capability.

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