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Usability is about context

Great preso acknowledging the important of CONTEXT to usability and the inter-dependencies between online services and different devices….the web is everywhere and we need to design with this in mind. And when designing we can not for one moment forget to consider the who? and the where? And not forgetting the social context of use as well as how that device may interact/interface with other devices out in the real world. Devices can be personalised depending on context and can also now be more location and context aware. Devices are becoming social in a sense as well!

“UX is not just about building huge coherent web architectures. We have become digital nomads – building tents, rather than building houses, in environments that suit our needs. People no longer inhabit worlds built by designers, but in worlds built by themselves.

Increasingly it is about building applications and understanding how applications interact with each other and their embedded environment. It is about forging relevant links with technologies that are appropriate. Relevance has surpassed usability as the most important factor of web strategy and web design.”

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Transcript of this preso called “Usability is Dead” by James Kelway

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