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Social Design Sydney logoIn 2013, frustrated with the lack of dialogue and understanding about Social Design or (design for social outcomes) in Sydney, Jax founded Social Design Sydney at the 2013 Sydney Design Festival. Social Design Sydney aims at creating a conversation about Social Design in Sydney. Jax has coordinated 4 events where design practitioners present social design projects followed by a panel. All presentations can be found on YouTube and an intention for the event is to build a repository of social design case studies.


In 2013, Jax set up Sticky Design Studio as a consulting brand. Sticky Design Studio has been consulting on research and human-centered design projects for clients such as DesignGov, NSW Department of Family and Community Services, Australian College of Theology, Alere and Ebay Australia.

Systems Change Salon intends to build an experiential community of practice of diverse participants who are interested in social and systems change practice.

Frontiers in Photography is Scott Gillespie and Jax Wechsler who together create cinematic sound-scapes and visual-scapes.

Frontiers In Photography : April 2019 Show

Snippet from a live show we did April 2019. Audio by Scott Gillespie and video by Jacqueline Wechsler is improvised.

Posted by Frontiers in Photography on Friday, 7 February 2020


Jax used to work in a video art team called Slinky & Snudis as well as independently as a VJ/video artist. Below you can find some snippets of her work.

Dragon Dreaming 2016
I helped set up the projectors for the fire stage and assisted management of a team of VJs who played 2 stages at the festival (fire and water stages). Below is a video of the stages Slinky and Snudis managed.

This video short snippets of my show on the Fire stage.

Nourish Talks August 2015
Nourish Talks are meaningful events about nature, lifestyle, wellbeing and community, designed to uplift in a world that can seem heavy at times. I created themed video projections mapped onto the external walls of St Canice Church in Kings Cross for a few of these events. The clip below is from The Ground Beneath event.

Meme Brain 2013

I dabble with interactive video. This video shows a project created for the Meme Brain event. It comprises of video portraits created using gesture, voice and audiences posing.

Sydney Festival 2012

Slinky & Snudis provided live video content for several bands at the 2012 Sydney Festival Becks Bar.

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