Jax Wechsler

Woolworths Group Discovery

The brief: How might we improve the team member experience of IT Support for Woolworths Supermarkets, Metro, Big W and Supply Chain Staff?

From November 2019 to June 2020 I worked on the IT Service Transformation program for the Woolworths Group as the Lead Service Designer.

This program is funded by the Woolworths Group Service Operations and Infrastructure Division and was the first Service Design project this group had run internally (using contractors as opposed to outsourcing to a consultancy).


Phase 0 : Nov 19-Jan 20 :
During November to January I shaped up and planned the program’s Service Design approach and helped determine resourcing requirements.
I supported hiring of a team of service designers, that grew to a team of 5 over an 8 month period.

Phase 1 : Jan 20 – April 20
Led team to conduct qualitative research with Big W, Supermarkets, Metro, Woolworths Group Support Office and Supply Chain team members



  • Research insights report (3 team member insights + 2 conditions for success insights)
  • Video summarising research insights
  • Behavioural archetypes for different types of team members
  • Need states defining the key needs of team members
  • 3 journey maps mapping 3 current state scenarios relating to opportunity areas
  • Opportunity areas (to inform phase 2)

Phase 2 : April 20 – June 20

Conceptual design of service concepts related to opportunity areas and a roadmap.


  • North Star Vision
  • Quick wins
  • Design Principles
  • High level concepts
  • Roadmap
  • Facilitation of prioritisation process

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