Jax Wechsler

User research at Vodafone

Project Background

I spent 12 months contracting at Vodafone and one of my projects was to operationalise user research and usability testing.

Project brief:

Create a process for the digital team to request user research/usability testing. Design and conduct research with customers each month.


I created a Google docs form for members of a 40 strong digital team of UX and visual designers to request research. I would work with these staff to design research to validate/explore different things. I would work with a recruitment consultant to recruit customers to attend the research sessions. Some examples of what I researched was the process to migrate customers over to the Vodafone brand from Three as Vodafone and Three had merged. Here I explored the process that users expected to happen revealing their mental models. We co-designed a website to help them understand the process. This was one of my favourite tasks during my contract at Vodafone as I got to experiment with different design research methods.

My role:

I worked on this project independently.

Within a company undergoing so much change, so fast, Jax was able to quickly identify and define the design work needed and then also put in place a practical plan to get the work done within the team. It was amazing and inspiring working with Jax at Vodafone. Debora Deitel - Senior Design Strategist & Researcher Vodafone

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