Jax Wechsler

Codesigning the TAL web-site

TAL Codesign photo of propsed screen

Project Background

This project was completed for TAL Australia while contracting for Objective Digital.

Project brief

Review and improve some proposed wire-frames for an updated financial planning portal though research and validation with financial planners and their admin staff.

Approach and deliverables

1. Competitor review – reviewing competitior sites

2. Expert review – reviewing usability of some proposed wire-frames

3. User research activities including contextual observations, in depth Interviews & prototype observations – using wireframe and IA prototypes, and co-design workshop observations with 12 staff based across two states.

4. Updated wire-frames and a proposed review of information hierarchy. Significantly we found that the mental model of users is around their clients rather than around policies. This was a significant finding for TAL as by creating database relationships between user names and all date, users would be able to search for information using customer names. This would drastically improve usability of the portal as “insurance is about our daily interactions with people”.

Project role

I worked on this project over a few weeks with another senior designer.


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