Jax Wechsler

Telstra Dealer Portal


Project Background:

This project was completed for Telstra in 2012 over a 5 month period.
 It relied on a human-centred design approach and included extensive research with both internal stakeholders as well as customers. Various prototyping methods were used. Jax wrote her Masters by Research thesis about this project. This project was nominated for a prestigious internal Centre of Excellence award.

Project Brief:

How can Telstra utilise the online channel to improve the experience of dealers when ordering & activating Telstra products?


Extensive qualitative research was carried out with internal stakeholders and dealers. This included contextual inquiry and one on one interviews.

A three phased design process was used

1. Listen – research with internal stakeholders to understand product ordering and activation processes, interviews with dealers to understand their experiences and needs

2. Define – the research was synthesised using affinity mapping and models and frameworks such as journey maps and personas were created as tools to think with. These tools helped us to understand the problem space, user pain-points, needs and improvement opportunities.

3. Design – a series of artefacts were delivered. These were hosted on a designated project website.


Deliverables included agile user stories, complex process/journey maps, high-level wire-frames and a video explaining the benefits of the proposed portal (above). Due to internal resistance within the organisation, a series of ‘persuasive artefacts’ were crafted to persuade executive staff to fund the initiative. These includes info-graphics showing the potential return on investment, videos communicating the onerous existing processes, and journey maps mapping the complex processes and multiple systems that high profit products required for ordering and activation.

Additional artefacts included;
personas, a report with in-depth research insights, future scenarios depicting ideas for the future generated in co-design workshops with dealers, and a quick wins spreadsheet with things that can be done immediately to improve the dealer experience

A full conference paper about this case study was presented at the European Academy of Design Conference 2013 in Sweden.

Project role:

I was the lead on this project. The video editing was outsourced to a third party. I was able to collaborate with a user researcher during the research phase of the project.



Jax is a very passionate, creative designer. She brought some new and exciting thinking and approaches to our organisation that re-energised our team. Her work was extremely well received by our stakeholders and I have adopted some of the approaches used on this project. Corrina Liao - UX Operations Manager at Telstra

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