Jax Wechsler

Design Associates Panel & Video

icare logoIn February 2017, I was commissioned by icare‘s Health and Community Engagement Team (HACE) to deliver recommendations to inform how a Ufirst Design Associate Panel would work using a service design methodology. The panel would allow Ufirst to easily procure design services from a panel of preferred suppliers.

These recommendations informed a tendering process. The request for tender.

I delivered a recommendations report  informed by the following:

project activities

Whilst at icare, I also ran a series of engagements with external free-lancers under my consulting brand Sticky Design Studio. My team conducted some research with icare staff and produced the video below for the icare intranet.

I’ve read your final report a number of times now and firstly, would like to thank you for such a fantastic document. It really is easy to read, informative, and invaluable. Business Manager Health and Community Engagement

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