Jax Wechsler

Personas for Alere

Project background:

Alere contacted me to support them with positioning consumer health innovation to their global board. The innovation and research office, keen to get advocacy for consumer facing products and services.

The Brief:

Create some design artefacts to communicate existing research about health consumer needs. Identify opportunities for services and products based on existing research and domain knowledge about health consumer behaviour gained from the CONNECT project.

Approach and deliverables:

Translating several research reports, and using my knowledge from the CONNECT project, I delivered a series of personas to communicate existing user research and to identify opportunities for consumer health products. These artefacts were created for a meeting with global directors.

My role:

I collaborated on the development of these personas and the opportunity maps with a social researcher at Alere who had been doing social research for Alere around health care behaviours and needs. I supported him to translate his research into design tools, including personas and an opportunity map.


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