Jax Wechsler

Improving outcomes : 7-17 yr olds

The Catalytic Impact Institute (TCII) is a new philanthropic organisation looking to contribute to improving outcomes for all 7 – 17 year olds in NSW. Members of the forming organisation have been learning from research, young people and youth sector leaders about what strategies might enable transformative impact.

I was involved in initial discovery work for TCII which led to creation of the Youth Accountability Project (YAP). The 10-year intended impact of YAP is to improve outcomes of all young people aged 7 – 15 years in NSW by increasing youth empowerment and adult accountability.

For this initial discovery program I conducted interviews with senior leaders across the youth-led and youth-focused systems in NSW.
Additionally, through desk research I provided a systems architecture comprising of an ecosystem and systems narrative illustrating the Victorian Government priorities and structure related to driving outcomes for children and young people in Victoria. A list of key insights were provided.These artefacts were used to inform co-creation workshops with young people and to support thinking about possibilities for outcome improvement through Collective Impact in NSW.


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