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blueVoice’s member experience

Working in collaboration with ARTD Consulting and engage2, Sticky Design Studio (Jax Wechsler) conducted a 4 week virtual codesign study with current members of beyondblue’s blueVoices program. blueVoices is beyondblue’s reference group of people with depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation, as well as their family and friends. The program began in 2008 and launched its online platform ‘blueVoices Connect’ in 2010.

The purpose of the project was to generate evidence and insight that can be used to understand and bridge the gap between the expectations, motivations and needs of blueVoices members and those of beyondblue and its staff. This will ensure blueVoices are making useful and meaningful contributions to beyondblue activities while deriving personal

The project consisted of:
(1) an evaluation study conducted by ARTD
(2) a codesign study with blueVoices members (Sticky Design Studio),
(3) development of guidelines and recommendations for improved engagement (engage2).

The codesign study involved sending 14 participants different activities (or cultural probes) to do at home and submit online over a 4 week period. Ten key insights were generated,  as well as a series of tools based on the research to help blueVoices engage members in compelling and meaningful ways. These tools include; (1) Six qualities to help guide the delivery of a compelling member experience, (2) Findings and recommendations about how members wish to engage with blueVoices across different channels, (3) Frustrations and suggestions from members related to the life-cycle of their engagement with blueVoices (i.e. awareness, joining, communication, participation, outcome and advocacy) is shown is represented in the member experience map, (4) Some personas based on the study participants to be used as tools when designing engagement approaches to provide understanding of member motivations/needs/life contexts, (5) a series of Recommendations based upon the study, and (6) Service concepts for new engagement offerings suggested by participants.

This work informed the development of engagement recommendations and guidance by engage2.


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