Jax Wechsler

Homeless & ID

person experiencing homelessnessEarly in 2019, working with Service NSW in a contract position I worked on a project exploring:

How might we support people experiencing homelessness to get, replace and retain their ID?

ID is hard to get, keep and replace for people experiencing homelessness, and without ID it can be challenging to access Temporary Accomodation.

We conducted research with various NGOs, case workers,  people experiencing homelessness and government agencies to understand the context and identify opportunities for change.

After the research phase we delivered a series of insights and opportunities.

I worked on the design and facilitation of a co-design workshop with 40 NGO and government stakeholders to co-design some interventions. The workshop had some nice experiential components including a listening station where we had audio excerpts from actual interviews conducted with people experiencing homelessness, actual stories visualised as cartoons on the walls, and another wall with global initiatives supporting people experiencing homelessness.

It was a fun and worthwhile project. The experiential components really helped get the voice of lived experience into the room.



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