Jax Wechsler

Event experience design

Project background:

Drawing on unconference, open space and engagement techniques the EngageTech event are a technology showcase and discussion forum for the public sector.
Project brief:

Support the Engage Tech team to deliver a superior experience to attendees.

Activities and deliverables:

A number of workshops were held where we considered who our audiences for EngageTech were going to be and what were their pain-points in relation to their work, their needs from the event and in what ways EngageTech could assist them to reach their long term goals.

Attendees were segmented into five distinct user types. For each user type we created a persona, or fictional character. We used people we knew as inspiration, assigned our fictional characters names and chose some portrait shots for them to make them feel more real. NB while ideally these should have been research driven personas budget did not allow for this.

We mapped the persona journeys and considered how they would learn about the event, what they may want to learn and do at the event, as well as how we could best support them after the event.

Specific risks and opportunities were identified and these were use to detail the different components of the event agenda. This process enabled us to consider the event components from multiple perspectives assisting us to flesh out how we could provide maximum value for our participants.

Some experience principles were constructed which articulated some core values of the event from an attendees perspective. These principles provided some flags in the sand to ensure that the EngageTech team were aligned about the experience.

An experience design report was delivered which contained the personas, experience principles and an outline of the different components of the day including potential risks and mitigation strategies. This report assisted to inform marketing efforts, brief presenters and sponsors, and share information about the attendees and the intended EngageTech experience with the broader team.

As an interactive event series designed to encourage the sharing of lessons, we weren’t just looking for attendees to register for EngageTech, we needed them to stay engaged and participate throughout the day. Jax walked us through a series of exercises, exploring the way different attendees would respond to materials and messages shared, and how they might participate in the activities proposed. With the help of Jax, the events were a huge success, securing our position in the market and 94% of participants saying they would come to our events again. - Amelia Loye, Director Engage2

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