Jax Wechsler

UX program Ebay Australia

Project background:
I assisted Ebay to integrate user experience processes into their agile development processes and delivered a prototype for a design thinking tool-kit to help the organisation be more customer-centred.

Project brief:
Support Ebay Australia to undertake user-centred design/ UX processes within an agile development framework and to help staff be more customer-focused.

Activities and deliverables:
> Research was undertaken with staff to understand existing processes and pain-points
> Research into best practice about Lean UX and agile UX was conducted
> Based on the Design Council’s double diamond model, a process including internal ideation workshops, prototyping and usability testing was delivered. Templates and workshop activities that product manager and UX designers could use within their design processes were included.
> An implicit aim of this project was to enable the user experience team to support the broader business to be more customer-centric. A proto-type customer-centric tool-kit was designed which contained nicely designed research artefacts such as personas (including video personas) and journey maps. A couple of users were interviewed to support the design of one persona. I was requested to undertake a persona research project as follow-on work but had to pass as I could not meet the project’s required time-frames.

Project role:
This work was completed as an independent contractor.


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