Jax Wechsler

Design research for NSW gov

Project Background

Free-lancing for Nurun Australia (Publicis), I conducted design research with NSW citizens about state government information seeking behaviour. A research report, interactive client workshop with government stakeholders, opportunity maps and a series of personas were delivered for this project.

This work will assist the NSW state government to formulate their digital engagement, and social media strategy.

18 interviews were conducted. Themes were identified using an affinity mapping process. Insights and opportunities were communicated to the client using personas and a report. An interactive workshop was conducted with government stakeholders to communicate the research insights, ‘social media listening’ findings and build capability in the use of the delivered personas for digital engagement planning.

The image shows some cards that were used by a participant to talk about how he would like to experience NSW online information.

A framework/tool was delivered to help the communications team create content for the different user segments and different media channels.



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