Jax Wechsler

CQU University

Project background and brief:

Contracting for 5th Quadrant I conducted qualitative interviews with students of Central Queensland University (CQU) to understand how CQU could better support their students and improve student retention. The research involved travel to remote destinations in order to understand the experiences of both distance and on-campus students. Twelve students were interviewed at their homes.

Project activities and deliverables:

Using affinity mapping, a series of personas  and a detailed journey map was developed. These artefacts communicated the research findings, highlighting opportunities for service improvement.  They were used to spring-board discussions in co-creation workshops with CQU staff.

I worked along-side 5Th Quadrant’s Head of Research on this project.




"I really valued Jax’s experience in analysing large numbers of insights in a thoughtful and efficient manner on this project. It was great to work with such a skilled practitioner" - Jennifer Reddington Head of Customer Experience Research & Data at Fifth Quadrant

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