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Co-design capability building

workshopThe brief

Jax was invited to conduct a 3 day capability building workshop with a regional Family and Community Services government agency. As part of the this program an organisational problem was addressed using co-design methods. We looked at how the Direct Payment Agreement (DPA) process could be improved. The DPA is a self-managed service where people with disabilities act as a business and manage their  own services.

The program

Participants were introduced to the co-design process and we together co-designed a new approach to an existing service with service recipients.

On day 1, participants learned about co-design and how to conduct design research. For homework FACS workers conducted some qualitative research (contextual inquiry) at the home of a service recipient with their new design research tools. A week later, during days 2 and 3 we frames the design problem and came up with some service solutions with service users.

This workshop provided the agency an opportunity to engage with their service recipients and the service recipients had the opportunity to feed into how the service can be improved.


Three service concepts came out of the workshop. All three of these were iterated and refined by  staff. They were a community of DPA participants where they could support each other, a new reporting tool and a new information kit. These services were prototypes refined with clients by staff/workshop participants.

Video case-study

ADHC Co-design Workshop April 2015 from sticky design studio on Vimeo.



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