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We have worked with some of the world’s most trusted brand names, delivering digital design and PR services that engage and excite their audience.

MORE CASE STUDIESHand picked for your perusal

Improving outcomes : 7-17 yr olds

Supporting discovery research

Neuroscience & Design Research

UX Australia Design Research conference

My Life My Say Codesign

Designing with Young People w Disability

Trauma Informed Design Research

Training for Organisations and Practitioners

Online Codesign Facilitation

with people with Lived Experience

The Impact Planner

Plan, Design, Deliver, Measure Your Impact

Woolworths Group Discovery

IT Service Transformation

The Voices of Lived Experience

Presented at Design Research 2020

Homeless & ID

Service NSW : Homelessness and ID


with Design Artefacts

Place-based Co-design

Indigenous Community Engagement

Empowering Palestinian Women

with Non Violent Communication

blueVoice’s member experience

4 week virtual codesign study

University-wide intranet

Discovery project for the University of NSW

Design Artefacts & Change Talk

UX Australia Design Research Conference 2017

Design Associates Panel & Video

for icare Health & Community Engagement


ServiceNSW Digital Licencing

Making Connections Video

Homeless Young People & Digital Access

Improving Leaving Care

for young people with disabilities

Co-design capability building

Codesigning solutions with FACS clients

ACT Communications Strategy

Improving communication for students & colleges

The child experience

FACS Child Story program

Interchange program

HCD course design and facilitation

The Happy Feet Project – Peru

Pro-bono mini-video documentary

Kids in Care

Co-designing the 'digital suitcase'

Designing for Impact

Talk at Designing for Wellbeing event

Design Research for FACS

Video and Digital Ethnography

CQU University

Design research, personas and journey maps

Design research for NSW gov

Research-driven personas


Co-design workshop design and facillitation

Improving cardio-vascular health

Health app for George Institute of Global Health

Telstra Dealer Portal

Conceptual design/research for improved ordering

Journey Mapping for Vodafone

Building conversation frameworks

UX program Ebay Australia

UX process and tool-kit prototype

New Delhi wedding video

Example of a video story

User research at Vodafone

Operationalising user research

DEFT Platform

Interaction design of payment portal

Event experience design

for Engage Tech

Personas for Alere

Communicating social research

Codesigning the TAL web-site

Uncovering mental models

Eye Tracking and expert reviews

Improving website usability

Interactive video art portraits

Kinnect/Processing video art project

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