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My latest case-study

I am very excited to be finishing my contract today and devoting some time to writing up a case study about my latest project for my masters thesis.

I delivered my final deliverables and a presentation to a national audience via video conferencing last week at work. It seems that these were extremely well received by the organisation. This positive reception was good for the visibility of my UX team and the work we do, good for the user group this work was representing and the possibility of them getting an improved experience with the organisation, and good for members of the organisation who now had some new artefacts to help them fight the good fight for the customer and attain the funding required to execute on the recommendations.

This had an additional significant importance for me. It confirmed my hypothesis about the opportunity that well designed artefacts reflecting user research can bring to commercial organisations who are trying to enable customer-centred thinking, dialogue and decision making. Stay tuned for more of this type of talk as I get more of my thesis written.

Also, I am really excited that an article I wrote for the forthcoming issue on collaboration in the Design Management Review Journal will be in print in June. The article discusses how I see the role of service designers when interfacing with commercial organisations as consultants and the importance of their delivering of frameworks and discourse to help facilitate collaboration and customer-centred thinking within organisations. I will post this article once it has been published. There is a bit more to it than that.

I am really looking forward to the next few weeks of reflective thinking about my practice, thesis writing  and beginning  interviews with UX and Service Design practitioners about their artefacts. I am also looking forward to more activity on this blog!


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