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EU pushes design led innovation

I recently spotted a report done by the commissions of the European communities called “Design as a driver of user-centered innovation

“The working hypothesis of this document is that design is a driver and tool for user-centred and sustainable innovation and differentiation, complementary to technological R&D, and that increased use of design could increase European competitiveness. The objective of the document is to provide an analysis on the importance and potential of design as a tool for innovation, on the rationale for making design an integral part of European innovation policy, and to provide a basis for a public consultation to take place in 2009, the European Year of Creativity and Innovation. The results of the public consultation will feed into the new European innovation plan.”

In alignment with this initiative, in October the European Commission set up the Innovation Union which will use public funding to help stimulate private sector  innovation within Europe. There is a video about this on their site and a  press release of the launch.

Interestingly as well, the UK Design Council seems to have a similar agenda.

Their site outlines it’s aim:

Helping Britain use design to build a stronger economy and improve everyday life
We are a centre of new thinking and insight into new ways to do business. Our work shows how design can tackle big challengesand improve everyday life. We run practical demonstrations and support programmes for private industry and the public sector. And we invest in the future of UK design.

The UK Design Council too have quite a videos on their own YouTube Channel

The video entitled Design’s Role in Innovation shows some speakers who took part on their The Big Rethink conference held earlier this year. This event was held in collaboration with The Economist earlier this year.  (There is also another one scheduled for March 2011). There are illustrations of the talks from this event and audio of the presentations are available as well.

Further there is another UK government resource (Business Link) linked from the UK Design Council with resources for small and large businesses about how to become more design-led with a large section all about User Centered Design. (Other topics include sustainable design, working with designers, branding etc.)

What a great resource for businesses!

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