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Social Design Sydney’s Designing with Citizens : Citizen-centric policy and services event was held on June 3rd.

This event consisted of conversation and Australian case studies discussing citizen involvement in the design of public policy and services at the state, local and federal government levels.

The speakers

Jane Treadwell World Bank Government Transformation Senior Consultant, owner of Jane Treadwell Consulting, and former Chief Executive Officer at DesignGov (Australian Centre for Excellence in Public Sector Design)
Selena Griffith, Senior Lecturer, COFA, UNSW, co Founder Social Innovation Sydney and Councillor for North ward, Pittwater.
Rodger Watson, Deputy Director at a new research centre at UTS, the Design Innovation research centre (UTS:DI)

Panel Chair: The eveningĀ  concluded with a panel chaired by Susan McHattie, Vice President of the Institute of Public Administration, NSW Branch and Manager, Governance in Strategic Policy in the Office of Finance and Services.

The videos:

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