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Designing for Wellbeing event

Designing for Wellbeing
Social Design Sydney event held: Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Speakers & videos

Dominic Campbell is a digital government specialist and social innovator. He established FutureGov in the UK in 2008 and has co-founded several start-ups such as Patchwork a collaboration tool for multi-agency working, currently focused on children and families intervention, Casserole a peer to peer meals on wheels service, and Enabled by Design a community of people interested in Design for All.Patchwork has been rolled out in Victoria and NSW and Casserole is coming soon.

Danielle Madsen is the Operations Manager for Family by Family, an initiative by The Australian Centre of Social Innovation (TACSI). Family by Family is a network of families helped by families. This successful program was first initiated in Adelaide and has recently been established in Sydney by Danielle and her team.

Susan Wolfe, who has been on the scene in Australia since 1995 (and now is also Principal of OE Strategy in San Francisco), has many years experience using design approaches for wicked problem solving. She will present some of her recent work designing improved health care services in India and other developing nations.


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