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Designers as Psychologists

I love this presentation by Joshua Porter called Designing with Psychology in Mind.
It is very clever and well put together.

I love the idea that designers are in the business of changing behaviour as are psychologists so we as designers may need to add another skill to our arsenal, that of psychologist.

Picture 12

Also the need to consider human psychology and “human-ness” is so integral to the design process.

This presentation references leading psychology thought and authors in the UX field. Joshua refers to Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience
by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
– an excellent book.
He suggests that using his recommendations for creating flow as guides to help design user experience….and acknowledges the need to balance challenge with skill (existing)…

This is a bit similar to the notion of balancing familiarity and innovation (I will blog about this another time)

[slideshare id=1630947&doc=aea-joshua-porter-designing-with-psychology-in-mind-090624051403-phpapp02]

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