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Design-led innovation in health care

I came across interesting video about supporting innovation w design in health care by Lorna Ross, Director of Design at the Mayo clinic.

It relates to some of the ideas I explored in my Masters thesis.
I will be writing more about this soon : )

The points I found most interesting were:

  • Design is fundamentally aspirational
  • Systems, behaviour and artefacts are linked. Artefacts (such as technology) influence systems and behaviours.
  • So design affects systems and behaviour through providing artefacts
  • There is an opportunity to think about design not for its artefact outputs but rather for what it TEACHES us through its human-centric research processes. So design is an excellent tool for UNDERSTANDING.
  • Design in health is about EMPATHY as well as REPRESENTATION
  • Health involves complex systems and many variables and cause and effect can be hard to see
  • Innovation requires change and design artefacts (such as maps/personas/visualisations) assist to make the visible visible providing evidence for change

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