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Next Desiging With Sydney Event

Join us for the second Designing With Sydney event as part of the Change Makers Festival.

November 5th at 6:15pm – 8pm at the College of Fine Arts UNSW, Paddington Sydney

Design is not all about making things.
Design assists to solve wicked and complex probelms and is being utilised to facilitate social outcomes globally.

The growing ageing population is a very important issue globally and also presents a real opportunity for design-led innovation.

At this Designing With event, four designers will share their experiences working on Social Design projects aimed at the ageing popualtion.

Dr. Catherine Bridge Associate Professor for the Built Environment at UNSW and Program Director of the Enabling Built Environment Research Program will be talking about her work co-designing with older persons to create better environmental outcomes at all scales from products to streetscapes.

Lauren Tann PhD, designer and author will discuss the Alzheimer 100 project : Co-designing for dementia by the UK design agency thinkpublic. This project was established to look at improving the lives of people with dementia and their carers. It resulted in the implementation of a dementia care service that continues to be delivered acoss the UK today.

Jean Paul Bell Creative Director at the Arts Health Institute presents some humour therapy programs aimed at dementia patients such as Play Up. Jean Paul will talk about his latest project involving the design of interactive memory aids or minitaure escapes for dementia patients in care.

Dr. Bert Bongers Associate Professor in Interactivation at UTS will present interactive projects designed by the Interactivation team for rehabilitation patients, including a 3D printed sensor floor for balancing and stepping exercises. Try them out.

The presentations will be followed by a panel.
Some light refreshments and wine will be served.
NB ticket costs go towards covering catering.

REGISTER at http://socialdesignsydney.com/events

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