Jax Wechsler


“As I look around at the state of the world, I feel we need grand change more than¬† ever. We need different types of thinking and being for today and for the future.¬† Sustainable change, first requires inner work.”

I am passionate about helping people create a vision for the future and empowering them to find their way there.

  • Is your vision for Life different from your current reality?
  • Would you like to see things from a different perspective?
  • Would you like to plug into your own inner knowing behind the voices, stories and schemas that whisper and sometimes shout in your ear?
  • Would you like me to help you build a bridge towards the future you want, and walk beside you in some coaching conversations?

To become accredited, I need 100 hours of coaching practice and I’m currently offering one on one coaching on a pay what you want basis. If you would like to discuss how coaching might support you, book a 20 minute chat, or book a session.


I am a facilitator, educator, coach and consultant passionate about change and enabling better futures for individuals, society and the planet. I have always been fascinated by how people see the world and my first degree was in Religious Studies where I studied Aboriginal Religion, Shamanism and Buddhism. 

In recent years, I have been focused on developing skills related to inner work, studying Trauma Informed practice, Somatic coaching/embodiment practices, Neuroscience, Family Constellations and Non Violent Communication. I am also interested in indigenous and earth based spirituality and healing practices and have spent time training with an indigenous healer in Peru.  I have participated in 100 hours of live coaching training through  Global Coaching Institute and Coaches RisingCurrently, I’m working towards my Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certification with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  

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