Jax Wechsler


Sometimes I work as part of a VJ duo called Slinky and Snudis.
Other times I work as a VJ/video artist on my own.

Below you can find some snippets of my work.

Dragon Dreaming 2016
I helped set up the projectors for the fire stage and assisted management of a team of VJs who played 2 stages at the festival (fire and water stages). Below is a video of the stages Slinky and Snudis managed. My VJ show can be seen from 5:22 till the end.

Nourish Talks August 2015
Nourish Talks  are meaningful events about nature, lifestyle, wellbeing and community, designed to uplift in a world that can seem heavy at times. I created themed video projections mapped onto the external walls of St Canice Church in Kings Cross for a few of these events. The clip below is from The Ground Beneath event.

Meme Brain 2013

I dabble with interactive video. This video shows a project created for the Meme Brain event. It comprises of video portraits created using gesture, voice and audiences posing.

Sydney Festival 2012

Slinky & Snudis provided live video content for several bands at the 2012 Sydney Festival Becks Bar.

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