Jax Wechsler


I am passionate about enabling better futures for individuals, society and the planet.

I am passionate about change and supporting people to think and act differently.

My professional focus is on three mutually enforcing components (1) practice/doing, (2) teaching/sharing and (3) learning….. I am looking for Jax-shaped opportunities and keen to connect with potential collaborators who share my passion for change.

Passionate about social, environmental, and systems change AND community and capacity building, I convene 2 communities of practice, Social Design Sydney (founded in 2013) and the Systems Change Salon (founded in 2019). Through these communities and my consulting practice, I share, practice and learn.

There is no silver bullet for change. While human-centred design is a useful approach, my change work draws on multiple additional practices, including Systems Thinking, Organisational Change, Theory U, Futures, Non-violent Communication, and Asset-Based Community Development. I am a methodology hacker!

I have 20 years design experience and 15 years experience specifically working with human-centered design (UX & Service Design). As a life long learner, my practice is continually evolving. A bricolage approach helps makes change stick.

Consulting as Sticky Design Studio, I assist organisations with strategic design consulting, as well as supporting development of internal strategic design capability through coaching, training, facilitation and program development. As a contractor I have led human-centred design teams for a diverse array of NGO, public and private sector clients. I teach Design Research, HCD and Co-Design practice at universities and organisations.

Interested in how design artefacts and visualisation functions to support change, In 2014, I completed my Masters in Design (research) exploring the role of design artefacts for enabling innovation and customer-centric organisational change. I have shared this research at global innovation conferences and in various publications.

I am creative and like to make. I play as a video artist, providing live improv video content for several Sydney bands.

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